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Behind the Veil: Medusa Character Chat Khôra Podcast

Kat Hawthorne and Clary Cheung discuss our adaptation of Medusa. Khôra will return with episode 15 on Monday, November 1st. –Content warnings can be found at the end of the show notes. The transcript can be found at https://khorapodcast.github.io/khorapod_transcripts/ –This episode was produced by A.L Emmet. Sound editing was provided by Kit MacNeil. The Khôra cover art is by Jules Violet and Clary Cheung.–Find us online at khorapodcast.wordpress.com, and be sure to follow us on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram where we are always @KhoraPodcast. You can post about the show using #KhoraPodcast.If you’d like to tip the production team for our hard work, we can be found at paypal.me/khorapodcast and ko-fi.com/khorapodcast.Content Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault 
  1. Behind the Veil: Medusa Character Chat
  2. 1.14: You'll Get Your Reward
  3. 1.13: The Freelance Care Compendium
  4. 1.12: A Knife In My Hands
  5. 1.11: Out of the Acheron

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